Orthodox Church Ocolis

Biserica ortodoxa din Ocolis

Biserica ortodoxa din Ocolis

It was built in 1910, replaced a wooden church in the eighteenth century, moved to Cacova Ierii. Impressive in silhouette, church plan faithfully comply Transylvanian churches built in the same period. Mural painting inside the naive popular bill, the work of a local teacher (Laslo Ladislaus, 1911). The iconostasis of the wall is decorated with a frieze of the Twelve Apostles, having it focused on Jesus. In the nave there are representations of the four evangelists accompanied each of its attributes. It is reportedly abundant decorative motifs inspired by Romanian folk art. The Church property is kept more old books, of which we mention the following: Apostle (1683), now first printed New Testament in this way the language of command and rumaneasca with all expense too enlightened and uplifting XC lover Lord and obladuitoru Rumaneasca the whole country, Io Konstandin Basarab Voivod (1704). Nineteenth-century books in the collection of the Church are very numerous. Also, church library there are several manuscripts of the nineteenth century, one decorated with a frontispiece angry. The Church of Ocolis iconostasis is preserved eighteenth-century four icons (Madonna with Child, Deisis, St. Nicholas, the Archangel Michael), painted between 1731-1734, by master painters and repainted Basil, says art historian Marius Maize , “a handful nedibace in our century”.

The village cemetery is kept Ocolis some nineteenth-century stone crosses, including that of the priest Eliza Mezei.


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