History and tradition Ocolis

Monumentul Eroilor Romani din Primul Razboi Mondial

Monumentul Eroilor Romani din Primul Razboi Mondial

Ocolis churches and houses are a real history lesson and Romanian tradition, representative of the Apuseni Mountains.

Romans Monument of World War memorial cross is the type and is located in the cemetery. The cross was erected in 1930 to honor the memory of heroes who died in World War Romans. It is made of sandstone, are protected inside the cemetery fence. In the frontal plane, the body of the cross is a memorial inscribed “In memory of the dead and missing on the battlefield in the years 1914-1918. Bystanders, pray for us.


Runcu Gorge Reserve

The largest morphological penetration of the limestone bridge is given by Runcu Gorge. They are spectacular due to their length of over 1,000 m, and their height (in some places over 450 m). Runcul Gorge ...