Area and limits

Suprafata si limitele: 130 ha. To the North the limit starts from the river bed of Pociovalistea and it goes along the forest on the steep limestone of the West slope of Tilva Creek, it reaches 1,016 m altitude and the South limit of Runcu Gorge Reserve. For approximately 600 m the limit is common along a secondary ridge. It heads South, following a small forest and after 350 m it reaches Pociovalistea river bed. It continues towards South with a small valley, which goes around another steep slope belonging to the reserve, and before arriving at the head, it goes West, at the base of the steep slope, arching towards North until it reaches a secondary ridge (of about 400 m) in Pociovalistea river bed.

The reserve is in a forested area, with limestone rocks, with difficult access, therefore a buffer zone was established to the West only, on a narrow strip of 150-200 m (in continuation of the buffer zone from the North), limited by the Valley of Talva Creek and, to the South of Pociovalistea Creek Shatavari tablets cost , by the West limit of a group of rocks.


Runcu Gorge Reserve

The largest morphological penetration of the limestone bridge is given by Runcu Gorge. They are spectacular due to their length of over 1,000 m, and their height (in some places over 450 m). Runcul Gorge ...