Proposals for sustainable regional development

Cheile Runcului - propuneri privind dezvoltarea regionala

Cheile Runcului – propuneri privind dezvoltarea regionala

Proposals for sustainable regional development:

- marking and installation of sign boards at both entry and exit from the gorge in order to draw the local people and touristsai??i?? attention upon the importance of the reserve and the sanctions for those who do not obey the dispositions;

- announcing the local authorities and the forester, which will receive a copy of this and will take care that the reserve is not affected by the manai??i??s activity.

A. The following is forbidden inside the reserve:

- digging and taking out material from the quarries;

- grazing, fishing and hunting wild animals and birds;

- making fire, destroy the marks and the sign boards;

- tourism on unprepared paths.

B. The following traditional activities can take place in the buffer zone, so that they do not affect the reserveai??i??s perimeter:

- grazing with small herds of animals;

- maintenance cutting in the woods, without affecting the structure of the forests;

- the existing functions will be kept, along with the landai??i??s occupancy percentage;

- traditional shelters may be built for local people and animals.

C. The following is prohibited in the buffer zone:

- industrial activities, even the small ones, including the exploitation of limestone and other construction materials;

- construction of holiday houses, chalets, restaurants or kiosks;

- installation of billboards;

- any kind of waste storage.


Runcu Gorge Reserve

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