Area and limits

Area and limits: 240 ha. To the North, on a segment of 400 m (East of Lunca Larga Village and North of Plesa Runcurilor Peak, 930 m) the border of the reserve coincides with a road and with the border of the county. Then it leaves it behind and it crosses Plesa Runcurilor Peak continuing in a zig-zag to the South-East (North-East border, about 1.2 km), until 750 m absolute altitude Ai??from where it comes down along 1 km road gully until Ai??the Ocolisul River bed, to the North border of Runc Village.

The Southern limit is on the right side of the valley, along a gully with steep shores, on the North slope of Runcu Hill, and after 1 km it reaches the ridge (a secondary ridge) where it meets the North border of the reserve Cheile Pociovalistei. It sticks to the ridge along 600 m until the edge of the abyss. Then it heads North and, after passing across the 982 m altitude, descends along a small valley through the woods until the river bed of Ocolisu Creek. To the North, on the left of the valley, it borders the forest and the abyss until the county border.

The buffer area is represented by a strip of land with a variable width between 150-700m, only on the West side, here and there interrupted by meadows. To the South it has a common border with the Pociovalistea Gorge Reserve, and to the North the buffer zone is represented by a slip 200-500 m wide, until the road that coincides with the county border. It is a slip with meadows, pastures and bushes.


Runcu Gorge Reserve

The largest morphological penetration of the limestone bridge is given by Runcu Gorge. They are spectacular due to their length of over 1,000 m, and their height (in some places over 450 m). Runcul Gorge ...