Jiu Gorge National Park

The idea of creating a national park in the Jiu Gorge appears in 1989. As a result, the research periodically carried out by ICAS 1989 and 2000, with the approval ofAi?? the Gorj Forestry Inspectorate and of the Forestry Department of Tg-Jiu, have proposed the establishment of a nature reserve “Bratcu Forest“(1418 ha), which together with” Lainicilor Sphinx “(1 ha) and” Rafaila Rocks (1 ha), were officially recognized four times between the years 1990-2001.

The first systematic research on the biodiversity of the area, namely, the birds, has been the subject of a published doctoral thesis (M. Popescu, 2000).

The first notes in terms of botanical elements identified in the area are made in the published doctoral thesis, dedicated to Valcan Mountains, by Cristina Muica (1995), who cites several species from Locurele, but without indicating the exact location.

In 2004, RNP-Romsilva, through the Institute of Forest Research and Management in Bucharest, in collaboration with the Bavarian Institute for Cheap lady era reviews Forest and Forest Economics, the University of Bucharest – Faculty of Biology (Laboratory of Systematic Botany) and the National Museum of Natural History ai???Grigore Antipaai??? in Bucharest ai??i?? Section of terrestrial wildlife, initiated a systematic research on the fauna and flora for the carrying on of the Ai??”Study on the establishment of the Jiu Gorge National Park.”

In 2005 the area is recognized as “national park” by the Government Decision no.1581.


Runcu Gorge Reserve

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