Macin Mountains National Park

Macin Mountains are very important mountains in Romania, being the oldest mountains in this country. Researchers are mainly interested in archaeologic excavations, due to the large number of the historical sites, but equally into the scientific research of the vast natural treasure existing here ai??i?? from the geological, botanical and zoological point of view.

With the natural potential available today, Macin Mountains National Park is accessible to a wide range of tourists interested in hiking, nature, landscapes, flora, fauna of the park, studies and documentaries.

On different floors of vegetations, between 7 and 467 m ai??i?? Tutuiatu Peak, we will meet unique steppe landscapes at the base of the slopes, and then there are forests of oak, manna ash and oriental hornbeam, and downy oak, then the peaks with bushes and rocks, and then alpine-looking steppe meadows.

In the park there is one of the oldest, most interesting and well-known reserves in our countryai??i?? Beech Valley Natural Reserve. It is distinguished due to the unique and vigorous presence of the tauric beech, presenting intermediate characters between the native beech and the under-wood flora, unique in Dobrudja and similar to the beech forests in Crimeea.


Runcu Gorge Reserve

The largest morphological penetration of the limestone bridge is given by Runcu Gorge. They are spectacular due to their length of over 1,000 m, and their height (in some places over 450 m). Runcul Gorge ...