Semenic – Caras Gorge National Park

With the remarkable length of 19 km and their wilderness, Caras Gorge has the characteristic of the limestone walls with abundant vegetation, debris, karts springs and more than 500 caves and abysses. Caras Valley is framed by limestone plateaus with many dolines, some of them large. On these plateaus, the Croatian community has plum tree plantations  and many animal facilities.

The area can be visited only on the tourist trail ResitaGura Golumbului, marked with a blue tape or on the tourist route Crucea IabalceiPoiana Prolaz, marked with red triangles.


Runcu Gorge Reserve

The largest morphological penetration of the limestone bridge is given by Runcu Gorge. They are spectacular due to their length of over 1,000 m, and their height (in some places over 450 m). Runcul Gorge ...